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„to spread, internationally, the elegance and the functionality of modular polycarbonate systems with a view to a sustainable future“ by breaking down old preconceptions in order to enhance the benefits of that 100% recyclable material which combines aesthetic harmony with living comfort. This is the value of our products, which we believe in and which we have been committed to for almost 60 years.

An entrepreneurial story: a multinational company born from a pioneering spirit and grown with an international vocation. It all started in 1960 thanks to the dynamism of the ‚Dottor‘, Dr. chemist PierAulo Gallina, who founded a factory nearby to Turin city  focused on the extrusion of plastic profiles for the automotive sector from. The continuous upgrading of  the product range and the technological evolution of the extrusion plants have been essential elements for achieving the current business reality.

Today the company is a renowned player in the technopolymer extrusion sector for the production of both technical profiles and polycarbonate sheets and systems, which are mainly used to build facades and roofs as revolutionary elements for architectural projets that requires high energy performance. Under the guidance of the brothers David, Daniel and Dario, who consolidated the value of the PoliComp® PoliCarb® ArcoPlus® brands, the group now employs over 260 people having a strong focus on internationalisation… In fact, foreign production units have been created in the USA, in India in Greece, in Turkey and recently in Germany. Moreover the Italian HQ exports 60% of its production capability, allowing the company to position itself as a competitor of the large multinationals on markets around the world. The turnover is constantly growing year after year, reaching 92 million euros in 202. Dott.Gallina is characterized by a high technological know-how developed over the years with the aim of satisfy both the strictest specifications of construction field and the product customization requests coming from architects. Underpinning this goal is an „in house“  mechanical workshop where our staff designs and creates all extrusion lines and production plant equipments.

The next future challenge is to upgrade the production process following the criteria of energy efficiency, digital transition and sustainable footprint, in order to build the new innovative Italian HQ and production site.

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